Doing It Yourself Versus Professional Pressure Washing

Diy vs professional pressure washing

We all know the feeling- why hire someone else to do something when you can just do it yourself? There's a particular satisfaction that comes with rolling up your sleeves, slapping your back brace on, and putting in the elbow grease to get a project done all by your lonesome. Before you get all gung-ho and ready to go, perhaps we should spend at least a moment considering the risks and rewards of tackling specific projects head-on.

Pressure washing is the use of fairly complex machinery that expels a powerful blast of highly pressurized water mixed with industrial cleaning agents out various types of nozzles and pressure washing attachments. Now, anyone can rent or buy a powerful pressure washer. If the machine has been well maintained it's just a matter of putting gasoline in, adding cleaning chemicals, and attaching it to a water source. After a video tutorial or maybe a phone call with your Uncle Jack, you may think you're amply prepared to dive into pressure washing yourself. Not so fast, though, tiger - let's think about some crucial elements that should be factored in first.

Assessing Every Surface

Not all surfaces are the same. For instance, would you pressure wash your cedar wood fence the same way you would your driveway? How about shingles for another example. Do you think pressure washing a roof is as simple as heaving yourself and your equipment up there with a ladder and letting the water fly? If you don't know the appropriate equipment and techniques required for each type of surface material, you may be in for a very rough time.

Professional pressure washing is done by licensed and insured specialists who are experienced in cleaning all types of surface areas. Some surfaces need to be soft washed, which is a method of pressure washing that uses very light pressure but a higher concentration of cleaning solutions. Other surfaces require different nozzles to ensure a deep, uniform clean over the entire area without leaving any streaks or spots behind. Expert pressure washing teams also consider environmental safety to ensure no damage or harm to landscaping or create health hazards for people or pets.

Having your home or business professionally pressure washed also means no worry of injury to your surfaces. As stated above, soft washing is a better method of cleaning some areas such as house sidings, because regular pressure washing can blast off paint or the protective sealant. Untrained hands can chip or crack materials, leading to expensive repair costs or downright replacement bills.

Some Things Are Better Left To The Pros

For serious pressure washing jobs in the areas that really matter, it's best to leave the task to the pros. Your home or business is a serious investment that should be protected at all costs, so the wise decision is to not risk the chance of damaging that investment.

Okie Power Washing is your local professional pressure contractor for any project that you need to be done. Our services include roof cleaning, house washing, fence cleaning, and many more. For the best pressure washing in Oklahoma City, rely on your local experts at Okie Power Washing!

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